Flint Water Class Action Update

Thank you to the more than 400 people who came to the Tuesday, February 16 informational meeting at U of M Flint. We know that some people were not able to get in, because the room was already at capacity. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience, but it was truly beyond our control. Building security advised us that allowing more people in would be in violation of fire safety codes.

Please call 248-658-0020 if you were not able to attend or if you tried to attend but could not get in. You are still eligible to get involved. Since the response was so huge, we are planning another meeting very soon in a much larger venue. Please watch this page for more info. 

How You Can Build Your Case

A Damage Inventory instruction sheet is linked below. You should review it carefully and call a member of the legal team for further explanation if needed.

On the personal injury side, physical injuries caused by lead and copper poisoning and other water contaminants will be compensable as non-economic damages in the nature of emotional distress, fear, apprehension and pain and suffering. On the property losses side, compensation will be recovered for the replacement or repair of service lines damaged by the highly corrosive Flint River water, cost of bottled water, water filters and water filter replacements, medical expenses, compensation caused by lost time at work, cost of hotel and accommodations and loss of property values.

In additional to individual damage awards, Class Counsel will seek to establish a medical monitoring fund to provide future compensation for those Flint water users who have on-going medical and psychological problems caused by exposure to the unsafe water.

You are under a legal obligation to preserve all of your evidence.  This means that you should preserve all photographs, water samples, medical records, blood lead level reports, notes, emails or anything that is hard copy or electronic that relates to your claim for compensation.

Your legal team is available for guidance on this important point.  Do not hesitate to call one of the law offices for assistance.

View the Flint Water Class Action Damage Inventory General Instructions Here

Flint Water Questionnaire Form

If you were a Flint water user since April 2014, when the City of Flint started using Flint River water, and would like to provide us with information so that we can evaluate your claims, please fill out this form.  For more information, please call  248-658-0020

Sign Up to Be a Volunteer

The class action lawsuit against key figures in the State of Michigan and the City of Flint responsible for the contaminated water is likely to ultimately include up to 30,000 households and tens of thousands of residents seeking compensations and damages from the Flint water crisis. More than 2,400 Flint water users have already contacted Class Counsel since the case has been filed on November 13, 2015. The legal team need your assistance in reaching out to the individuals who are impacted by the contaminated water to make sure that their voices are heard. Click on the link below if you’d like to help. 

Volunteer Sign Up Form

Flint Water Crisis Class Action Update

February 9, 2016

“Class counsel will continue to  vigorously challenge Chief Judge Talbot’s decision to re-assign the Flint water case to himself. In the event that our request on behalf of the class to re-assign this case by blind draw is denied, we will appeal that denial to the Michigan Court of Appeals and if necessary the Michigan Supreme Court.  We will continue to fight for the class to ensure that the rules are followed and everyone gets a fair shot at justice.”


Motion to Reassign Case 


February 5, 2016

We Have Subpoenaed Documents on Behalf of the Class

Governor Snyder  has been served with a subpoena requiring him and his executive staff to produce all emails and documents from January 1, 2011 to present concerning the use of the Flint River as drinking water, the Flint water system, the Karegnondi Water Authority and related topics.  The Governor has agreed to produce all of his emails and documents on these topics by March 1, 2016.  The subpoena to the Governor is located here  for you to view or download.

We have also served subpoenas on the following agencies and companies for emails and documents from January 1, 2011 to present regarding these same topics.

  1. Michigan Department of Treasury
  2. City of Flint
  3. Detroit Water & Sewerage
  4. Genesee County Drain Commissioner
  5. Karegnondi Water Authority
  6. Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam
  7. Auditor General for State of Michigan
  8. MDCH and MDHHS
  9. Rowe Professional Services Company
  10. Tucker, Young, Jackson, Tull Inc.
  11. Veolia North America

The emails and documents responsive to the subpoenas are due March 1, 2016. We have posted these subpoenas on this website for you to view or download.

New Developments in the Federal Case

The defendants in the federal case had until February 1, 2016 to file an answer or motion to dismiss to the November 13, 2015 complaint filed on behalf of the Flint water users and their families for injuries and harm caused by exposure to the toxic Flint River water.  On January 29, 2016, the attorneys for the State asked the federal judge (Honorable John O’Meara) for additional time in order to answer the lawsuit.  The court granted the request and the answer or response by all defendants in the federal lawsuit is now due March 3, 2016.

On February 2, 2016, the attorney general filed motions to withdraw from the representation of the individual MDEQ defendants (Dan Wyant, Steve Busch, Liane Shekter-Smith, Adam Rosenthal, Michael Prysby, Bradley Wurfel and Patrick Cook). The attorney general asserted that there was a potential conflict of interest between the Governor and these individual MDEQ employees and former employees.  This means that the Governor may claim that the State is NOT responsible for the mistakes made by these individual defendants. These individuals will be provided separate attorneys to represent them.  The State of Michigan will pay for their attorneys at taxpayer expense.

Developments in the Court of Claims Case

On January 15, 2016, Class Counsel filed a lawsuit in the Michigan Court of Claims.  The case was assigned to the Honorable Mark Boonstra by blind draw (judge assigned by the clerk at random).  The main purpose of the blind draw system is to make sure politics does not enter into the judge selection process. Chief Judge Honorable Michael Talbot re-assigned the case to himself.  Class Counsel have reviewed the matter and we have determined that there is no legal basis for this action.  We have asked that the matter be put back in the blind draw.  The Motion to Re-Assign Case can be read here.


Class Action News

Since the federal case was filed in November, 2015, more than 2,400 potential class action members have contacted class counsel on behalf of their household (more than 5,600 class members total). Our intake staff are working long hours interviewing class members by phone to get more information about the facts of their individual potential claims.

If you or your family have been impacted by exposure Flint River water, please contact us:

  1. Call 248-658-0020 and leave your name, phone number, and email address (if applicable);
  2. Visit www.FlintWaterClassAction.com and complete the online questionnaire; and
  3. Join us at an informational meeting on February 16 at 6:30 pm at U of M Flint’s North Bank Grand Ballroom, 432 N. Saginaw St.

In the meantime, it is important that you preserve all photographs, water samples and water test results, blood lease level test results, notes, diaries, calendars, and emails that may relate to your case.

Also, doctors at Hurley Medical Center, including Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, recommend that eating high nutrient foods, such as milk and fresh fruits and green vegetables, help limit the absorption of lead in the body. Make sure you and your family are eating fresh, nutritious foods to help fight the harm of exposure to lead. Seehttp://stateofopportunity.michiganradio.org/post/shifting-focus-water-food-flint for more info.



Subpoenas Served to Governor Snyder and MDEQ


On January 25, 2016, subpoenas for records were served on Governor Snyder, the Governor’s Office and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  The documents are to be delivered to class counsel by Tuesday February 9, 2016 at 11:00am.

The subpoena to Governor Snyder and the Governor’s Office  request the emails, text messages or other documents send or received by the Governor, members of his staff, Emergency mangers Darnell Earley, Michael Brown, Gerald Ambrose and Edward Kurtz and which relate to the Flint River as a source of drinking water, Flint River quality, Flint River Quality or the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA).  The Governor and his Office are requested to produce responsive emails, text messages and other documents from January 1, 2011 to the present.

The subpoena to the MDEQ requests the emails, text messages and other documents send or received by employees of MDEQ and which relate to the Flint River as a source of drinking water, Flint River quality  or the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA).  The request covers the time period of January 1, 2011 to the present.

The deposition notices and subpoenas are at the links below.

Notice of Deposition – Governor Snyder

Gov. Snyder Subpoena 

Notice of Deposition – MDEQ

MDEQ Subpoena 


January 19, 2016

New Class-Action Lawsuits Filed By Flint Residents Seek Compensation for Injuries, Damages Caused by Legionella
Bacteria and Lead-Tainted Water

Complaint in Genesee County Circuit Court asks for Injunction against Water Shut-offs, Declaration that Water Users who Received Dangerous Water are Not Responsible for Paying Bills

FLINT, Mich., Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A group of Flint residents have filed two new class-action lawsuits against Gov. Rick Snyder, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and additional government officials.

The Genesee County Circuit Court lawsuit requests that Circuit Court Judge Archie Hayman enjoin the City of Flint from water shut-offs and that he declare that the Flint water users are not required to pay past or future bills for useless and harmful water.

In the Court of Claims case filed on Friday January 15, 2016, the injured citizens seek to hold the State of Michigan financially accountable for this man-made catastrophe. Those class members who owned property in the City are claiming an unjust and unconstitutional taking of their property without fair compensation.  Known as an inverse condemnation action, the State, by its actions, destroyed or impaired the property values in Flint and must be held accountable to cover the losses in property value.

The new class actions focus on the conduct of the MDHHS.  In June through September 2014, MDHHS had in its possession reports that indicated a dramatic increase in elevated blood lead levels of the children of Flint and it knew that this spike correlated precisely with the exposure to the lead laced Flint River drinking water.  The Department had information that there was a public health emergency yet sat of the information for more than 10 months. The lead poisoning of many of Flint’s children could have been avoided if the Department had shared with the public this vital information.

Read the entire press release here


Michigan Department of Environmental
Quality Director Resigns

Detroit Free Press Story Here 

Flint Water Advisory Task Group Letter

Read the Flint Water Advisory Task Group Letter sent to
Governor Snyder on December 29

Auditor General’s Report 

Read Auditor General Doug Ringler’s Flint Water Report Sent to
Senate Minority Leader, Jim Ananich

Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children Associated With the Flint Drinking Water Crisis:
A Spatial Analysis of Risk and Public Health Response

Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, Jenny LaChance, MS, Richard Casey Sadler, PhD, and Allison Champney Schnepp, MD



Water Quality Issues

Professor Marc Edwards told doctors and others at Hurley Medical Center Flint Water Departmenton Wednesday, Dec. 2, that researchers at Virginia Tech University are continuing to test water samples in Flint, and while lead levels are dropping, they remain above the federal limit for lead in some areas.

“Things are much better, but the water is still not safe to drink. For the foreseeable future, you are going to have to continue using filters,” Edwards said.

Class Action Update

On December 1st, Class Counsel and Class Representatives Melissa Mays, Michael Mays, Jacqueline Pemberton, Keith John Pemberton, Elnora Carthan, and Rhonda Kelso met with Class Members for an Informational Meeting.

Summary of the Legal Case against the Responsible Parties 

Class Counsel Julie Hurwitz introduced the attorneys who are prosecuting the Class Action.  Attorney Bill Goodman addressed the audience and explained why the lawsuit is being pursued as a civil rights case filed in Federal Court. He said that the State and City governments deprived the Flint water users of “life, liberty and property” without due process when the decision was made to switch safe water supplied by the Detroit Water System to unsafe and dangerous water from the Flint River.

          Summary of the Class Action Process

Attorney Cary McGehee explained to the crowd that the State and City have legal defenses which will be heard by the court in February or March.  Delays are to be expected.  This case not an official Class Action until the court certifies it as such. Even if the court does not order the case to proceed as a Class Action, Ms. McGehee stated that those experiencing property damage injury or personal injury because of the water contamination can join the case in an individual capacity.

             Summary of How to Stay in Touch

Attorney Kathryn James encouraged the audience to make contact with Class Counsel in order to be included in the Class Action.  She stressed how important it is for you and your family members to step up and identify yourself so that the lawyers can develop the facts of your case.  Every case developed helps the class action move forward.  The best way to help yourself and your neighbors is to provide details about how this water catastrophe has affected you and your family members.

                   Latest Developments on Your Case

The defendants’ responses to the Class Action complaint will be filed on February 1, 2015. The responses from the defendants and our answers will be posted shortly after the documents are filed with the courts.

As of December 9, 2014, two members of the Michigan Attorney General (AG) legal team have entered an appearance in the Federal Court case for the Governor, the State and all of the state employees of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  The two attorneys from the AGs office are Richard Kuhl and Margaret Bettenhausen.

The attorneys who will be representing the City of Flint and the former Flint Mayor and former and current Flint employees have not have not yet filed a formal appearance in the court case.  The City of Flint attorneys have preliminarily accepted service of process for the City and its former and current employees.

The Intake Response Has Been Overwhelming

More than 300 Flint water users have contacted Class Counsel since the case has been filed on November 13, 2015.  We have set up a team of lawyers to handle the Intake of calls.

Each person who has called Class Counsel has been received a call-back.  Class Counsel are conducting an analysis of the Intake information and we will issue a summary of the class characteristics.

If you have not had a chance to speak to a member of the legal team, please be patient.  We are getting back to everyone on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any complaints about how the Intake process has worked so far we want to hear about it so that we can fix the problems as they arrive.  Kat James will take your calls and address your problems as quickly as possible.  Call her at 313.567.6170.


Flint Water Class Action Legal Team

The Flint Water Class Action Legal Team is excited to welcome Robin Greenwald of Weitz & Luxenburg and Paul Novak of Milberg LLP to the team. Greenwald and Novak join with attorneys from Trachelle Young & Associates, Goodman & Hurwitz PC, Deborah LaBelle, and Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers PC.

We invite you to learn more about each law firm below:

Each firm brings extensive experience and unique skill sets to the Legal Team. Among them includes class action litigation, environmental and toxic tort law, constitutional and civil rights litigation, and trial practice.

Press Release Announcement

635769574538209400-Flint-water-012215-flint-water-issues-rg-08Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Gov. Snyder, State of Michigan, City of Flint and 13 Officials Alleging Health, Property Damages from Lead-Tainted City Water

Suit Says Injuries to Plaintiffs Include Skin Lesions, Hair Loss, Auto-Immune Disorders, Convulsions, Depression                                       

November 15, 2015, Flint, MI – A group of Flint residents have filed a class-action lawsuit against Gov. Rick Snyder, the State of Michigan, the City of Flint and numerous other state and Flint municipal employees for health and property damages resulting from their exposure to lead-tainted city water. The complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit, alleges that the actions of 14 current or former state or Flint municipal employees endangered the health of city residents by exposing them to toxic, lead-tainted water.

According to the complaint, the defendants’ actions “deprived Plaintiffs of life, liberty and property without due process of law when they took from Plaintiffs safe drinking water and replaced it with what they knew to be a highly toxic alternative solely for fiscal purposes.”

The complaint details the experiences of several Flint residents and families exposed to the lead-tainted water resulting in serious physical and psychological injuries to many of the plaintiffs. These include high levels of lead in their bloodstreams; skin lesions and hair loss; chemically-induced hypertension; autoimmune disorders; seizure-like convulsions; depression; and chronic anxiety.

The lawsuit requests that the plaintiffs and all class members be compensated for the physical injuries and property damages resulting from their prolonged exposure to lead-tainted city water. The 30-page complaint also asks that the State of Michigan undertake a wide spectrum of future corrective action, including lifetime medical monitoring for all the children injured by the tainted water.

In addition to Gov. Snyder, additional defendants named in the suit include Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) officials Daniel Wyant, Liane Shektor Smith, Adam Rosenthal and Stephen Cook and current and former City of Flint employees Darnell Earley, Gerald Ambrose, Dayne Walling, Howard Croft and Michael Glasgow.

“Since the claims of these families are grounded in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all provisions of the Michigan Governmental Immunity will have no bearing whatsoever on the viability and the power of these claims,” said Bill Goodman, co-counsel for the plaintiffs, “These constitutional violations will be redressed by the Constitution itself and, in no way can they be held hostage to state immunity doctrines.”

In addition, the complaint outlines a chronology of events leading up to and after the decision to switch the primary source of Flint’s drinking water from Lake Huron (via the Detroit Water System) to the Flint River. The lawsuit charges that Flint municipal and MDEQ officials unnecessarily and with deliberate indifference to the health and safety of the Flint residents exposed them to toxic public water for over 18 months.

Representing the plaintiffs are Michael Pitt and Cary McGehee of Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers (Royal Oak); Bill Goodman, Julie Hurwitz and Kathryn James of Goodman & Hurwitz (Detroit); Deborah LaBelle of Law Offices of Deborah LaBelle (Ann Arbor); and Trachelle C. Young of Trachelle C. Young & Associates (Flint).

“The failure of the defendants to immediately stop the use of the Flint River as a primary water source, despite knowledge that it was toxic, made the danger far worse than it had been before their involvement,” said plaintiffs co-counsel Michael Pitt. “This action is all about holding the responsible governments and officials accountable for this catastrophe — which didn’t have to happen.”

The full complaint can be viewed here

Latest Media Coverage

The following media outlets have covered the Flint Water Class Action Lawsuit filing. Click on the links below to view each individual story.

February 21, 2016

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February 17, 2016

Detroit Free Press (Flint Residents Paid America’s Highest Water Rates)
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Michigan Radio/NPR (State’s Chief Medical Officer Says Flint Legionnaire’s Probe Followed Standard Practice)
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MLive (Flint Protest Planned by NAACP if No State Plan to Replace Water Pipes)
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February 15, 2016

WNEM/CBS/Saginaw (E. Brockovich Joins Lawsuit Over Flint Crisis)

Detroit News (Expert: Quick Action Might Have Saved Flint Lives in Legionnaire’s Outbreak) 
MLive (Snyder Seeks Expanded Health Care Coverage, Lead Abatement in Flint Crisis)


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New York Times (Op-Ed: Fixing Our Broken Water Systems)


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National Geographic (Portraits of Flint Show Frustration, Fear, Perserverance)



American Academy of Pediatrics (Amid Politics, Pediatrician Stands Out as Trusted Advocate in Flint Water Crisis)
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Washington Post (Here are Stunning Social Costs of Flint Water Crisis)
American Constitution Society Blog (The Structural Cause of Flint Water Crisis: It’s Not Race/Robert Sedler of WSU Law Sch00l)

New York Times (Snyder to Testify at Congressional Hearing on Poisoned Water)


February 12, 2016

Detroit News (On Verge of Flint Legionnaire’s Alert, State Stayed Mum/Based on newly-released 24,000 pages of e-mails)
Detroit News (Regulators Dismissed Dissenters on Flint Crisis)
Detroit News (MDEQ Official: Staffers Earn Raises for Flint Work)
Forbes (Op-Ed: What the Flint Water Crisis Reveals About Public Health)
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​Fox 2 Detroit (Water Crisis Affects Flint Real Estate Market)​
​Christian Science Monitor (Flint’s Housing Crisis)​

NPR (Flint Residents’ Br0ken Trust: “The People We Trusted Failed Us”)​


February 11, 2016

Detroit News (Attorneys Protest Claims Judge’s Takeover of Flint Suit/M. Pitt Quoted)


Washington Post (Flint Water Crisis Victims Increasingly Turn to Courts, But Face Big Obstacles/M. Pitt cited)


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Boston Globe (Officials Could Face Charges in Flint Water Crisis, Investigator Says)


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​Sputnick International​ (Flint vs. the Political Establishment: Michigan’s Water Crisis/J. Hurwitz Interviewed/18:35)


​Personal Injury Bureau (Lawsuits Linked to Flint Water Start Trickling In)​


February 8, 2016

Detroit Free Press (Water Woes Sink Flint Property Values)
New York Times (Mich. Water Regulator Fired for Role in Flint Water Crisis as Fallout Continues)


​MLive (Flint Businesses Affected by Water Crisis Can Seek SBA Disaster Loans) 
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Detroit News (DEQ Fires Worker Who Supervised Flint’s Water)
Detroit News (R. Nader Questions GM Handling of Flint Water Shift)


February 5, 2016

Michigan Radio/NPR (Snyder’s Office Knew About Legionnaire’s Outbreak for Months, Didn’t Tell Public)


New York Times (E-Mails Reveal Early Suspicions of Flint Link to Legionnaire’s Disease)

Detroit Free Press (EPA Tests Show Better Results for Lead Filters)
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The Guardian (E-mails Reveal Snyder Informed of Problems a Year Ago)
Huffington Post (Op-Ed by Fmr. U.S. Sen. Don Riegle/Flint Water Crisis: Action Steps Needed Now)
​CNN (Editor Says New York Times Could Have Done More, Prevented Suffering in Flint​)



(Flint Crisis Creating Bull Market for Water Stocks)

Detroit Free Press (Schuette Promises Impartial Flint Probe)

American Museum of Tort Law (Flint Water Crisis)
Bl00mberg BNA (Property Tax Post: Contaminated Water Leaves Flint Property Owners Thirsty to Sell)
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Lansing State Journal (State Workers Entitled to Lawyers by Civil Service Rules)

​WWMT-TV/NBC/Providence (Two New Lawsuits Filed in Flint Water Crisis)

​Modern Healthcare (Flint Hospital, State Hit with $100m Legionnaire’s Suit​)


February 3, 2016

Slate (Comprehensive Guide to Outrage That is Flint Water Crisis)
CNN (Earley Subpoenaed to Testify at Flint Water Congressional Hearing)
Detroit News (Rep. Miller Seeks $1B for Flint Pipes) 
Detroit Free Press (DEQ Chief Says EPA Mishandled Water Crisis)
Detroit Free Press (U.S., State Agencies Seeks Clues About Flint Rashes)
Detroit News (Flint Mayor Calls for Immediate Removal of Lead Pipes)
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New York Times (A Look at Flint’s Tainted Water Investigation)
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Washington Post (Op-Ed: Snyder Isn’t Only Mich. Leader to Abandon Flint/Author is Ex-Mich. Treasurer who Oversaw EM Program 2006-2010)
New York Daily News (Water Filters in Flint Failing, Residents Still Being Poisoned)

February 1, 2016

CBC News (Flint Water Crisis: 5 Faces Dealing with Lead-Tainted Taps in Michigan) ​
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NBC News (“No Pill for Lead:” Flint Mom Fights Baby’s Toxic Lead Exposure)
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Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed: Flint Water Crisis was 50 Years in Making)
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Eclectablog (#FlintWaterCrisis News Round-Up)
Fusion (“We Are Paying for Poison:” Flint Residents on Water Crisis/Interview with R. Kelso)
WDET/NPR (Redline show with B. Thompson & Panel: Can Schuette Be Trusted to Oversee Flint Investigation?/36:03)
American City & County (What Can We Learn From Flint Water Emergency?)
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​MichaelMoore.com (10 Things They Won’t Tell You about the Flint Water Crisis)​
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​Modern Healthcare (Senate Democrats Push to Address Flint Water Crisis)​
​New Republic (EPA’s Silent, Guilty Role in Flint Water Crisis)


Michigan Radio (​Review all Michigan Radio coverage of Flint Water Crisis)


January 29, 2016

New York Times (Few Answers on When Flint Will Have Clean Water)
New York Times (The Latest: Pistons Owner Offers $10M to Help Flint)
Eclectablog (Coverage of TRMS Flint Town Hall Event)
Metro Times (Lessenberry on Politics, Prejudice & Flint Water Crisis)
Detroit Free Press (New DEQ Org. Chart Sheds Light on Flint Water Response)
Detroit Free Press (Civil Rights Panel, NAACP Concerned Over Flint Woes)
Detroit Free Press (Snyder Lays Out Plan to Make Flint’s Lead Pipes Safe)
MLive (Millions of Plastic Bottles Flood Flint Amid Water Crisis)
Daily Mining Gazette/Houghton/AP Report (New Flint Water Probe Draws Critics/UN Monitoring Crisis)
MLive (Schuette’s Flint Water Probe Tainted by Campaign Donations)
New York Magazine (Mich. Militia Threatens Armed Revolt, Teams with Michael Moore)​
​Detroit News (Many Mich. Cities Have Higher Lead Levels Than Flint)​
January 28, 2016
Washington Post (Why Todd Flood Has Impossible Job, Subpoenas Mentioned)
MLive (Subpoenas Served for Gov. Rick Snyder’s Flint Water E-mails)
Fox 2 News (Attorneys Subpoena Governor’s Emails in Flint Water Crisis)
​WWJ Newsradio 95/Detroit (Gov. Snyder, MDEQ Served Subpoenas Over Flint Water Crisis)​
​WMMT-TV/CBS/Kalamazoo​ (Gov. Snyder, DEQ Served Subpoenas Regarding Flint Water Crisis)
Huffington Post (Interview with Melissa Mays/Snyder, MDEQ Subpoenas Mentioned)
​Metro Times (Flint Class Action Lawyers Subpoena Snyder E-Mails/Shout-Out to Bill and Julie)​

​WNWN-FM/Battle Creek (Subpoenas Delivered To Snyder, MDEQ)​
​WEYI-TV/NBC/Saginaw-Flint (Subpoenas Served on Snyder, MDEQ in Class-Action Lawsuit)​
WJRT-TV/ABC/Flint (Gov. Snyder & MDEQ Served with Subpoenas)


January 25, 2016

Crain’s Detroit Business (Flint Water: Big Costs, Technical Fixes in Offing as Flint Weighs Next Steps)
Crain’s Detroit Business (Experts: State, Fed Money for Water System Repairs Could Aid Flint Economy)
Detroit News (Schuette Taps Arena, Flood for Flint Investigation)
Detroit News (Op-Ed: Declare Flint Disaster Area)
CNN (Snyder E-Mails Shine Light on Flint Water Crisis/M. Pitt citation)
ABC News (Flint, Detroit Problems Show Rift Over Emergency Managers)
Detroit News (Op-Ed: Assigning Blame in Flint Water Crisis)
Detroit News (Jacques: Gov. Says Flint Crisis Will Always Be Terrible)
Crain’s Detroit Business (Healthcare Community Helps Flint Respond to Emergency)
Detroit Free Press (Lead Levels in Flint Appear to be Falling)
New York Times (When the Water Turned Brown in Flint)
New York Times (Op-Ed: Fix Flint’s Water System Now)
WDET-TV/PBS (Mike Pitt on Off the Record with Tim Skubick-Full show is 27:45)
(Off The Record-Extended interview with Mike is 19:55.)
Minnesota Public Radio/NPR (Peggy Pitt on The Kathleen Dunn Show-Full show is 49:45)
​Detroit Free Press (Op-Ed: Kate Moss on Repeal of EM Law)​


January 23, 2016

New York Times (NYT Flint Lead Water Event Timeline)
Detroit Free Press (Two DEQ Workers Suspended in Flint Crisis)
Detroit Free Press (Legionnaire’s Expert Blames Flint Spike in Disease on Water)
Detroit Free Press (Snyder Could Be Called to Testify Before U.S. House Hearing on Flint Water Crisis)
Wall Street Journal (Flint Was Hit by Perfect Storm of Mistakes)
New York Times (Gov. Says Race Had no Role in Flint Water Response)
New York Times (Anger in Michigan Over Appointing Emergency Managers)
Reuters (Gov. Blames Bureaucratic Culture for Water Woes)
MLive (Unclear How Much of $80 Million Aid Will go to Flint)
Rolling Stone (WTF is Happening in Flint Water Crisis)
​Detroit Free Press (Snyder Hires PR Firm and Former Orr Spokesperson Bill Nowling)​
​[*FYI: Mercury LLC, firm hired for Governor’s charm offensive/blame-deflection strategy, is well-known Republican​ public affairs consultancy. McCain & Romney former clients. Mercury’s clients pay big/$$$$  fees.]
New York Times (Gov. Snyder Says Race Had No Role in Flint Decision)
​Chicago Tribune (Flint Crisis Reflects National Ambivalence on Environmental Regulations)​

​New York Times (Op-Ed: Republicans Ignore Poisoned City)​


January 20, 2016

CNN (Jean Casarez Details Lawsuits/Bill Talks About Discovery) 


CBS News (Flint Residents File New Lawsuits/Bill Explains Federal Lawsuit)



WNEM-TV Saginaw/NBC (Three Class-Action Suits Filed in Water Crisis)


WJRT-TV Flint/ABC (More Water Class-Actions Filed by Flint Residents)


Michigan Radio/NPR (Class-Actions Seek State Fund to Pay for Flint Water Crisis/10:19 audio segment)



Fox 2 News (Flint Residents File Class-Actions as Crisis Continues)


WXYZ-TV Action News/ABC (New Class-Action Lawsuits in Flint Water Crisis


Detroit News (Class Actions Lawsuits Filed in Flint Crisis)

ABC News (Flint Residents Were Given False Assurances)
MLive (Patterson, Ballenger Downplay Water Crisis)​


January 12, 2016

NBC News (Gov. Snyder Turns to Feds & Flint Water Crisis Update)

Michigan Radio/NPR (Gov. Announces Flint Water Committee, Answers Questions About What He Knew, When) 

Detroit Free Press (Gov. May Ask Legislature for More Money for Flint Water Crisis)
CBS/Detroit (Snyder Pledges Contact with Every Flint Household)

Detroit Free Press (N. Kaffer/Report That Raised Flag on Lead Was Ignored)


NPR/The Two-Way (Michigan Steps-Up Efforts to Tackle Lead Crisis)


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​The Root (Racist System Poisoned Flint Water)​


January 5, 2016

MLive: U.S. Attorneys Office Investigating Flint Water Crisis 


December 30

MLive: Four Takeaways from the Flint Water Advisory Task Force Preliminary Report


December 29

Detroit News (DEQ’s Wyant Resigns)


WJRT-TV/ABC (DEQ’s Wyant Resigns)


Lansing State Journal (Wyant Resigns)


December 22 

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show – Gov. Snyder Allowed Flint Residents to Drink Toxic Water  Despite Warnings


MLive: Newly published study gives more evidence of elevated lead in Flint kids


Al Jazeera:  Flint Water Chief Reassigned 


MLive (Rep. Kildee Wants State Health Fund for Residents Affected by Lead-Tainted Water) 

MLive (State Failed to Inform Public About Lead Levels)
Huffington Post (State Failed to Inform Public About Lead Levels)
MLive (Health Journal Publishes New Study on Flint Water)
CBS News (News Study Links Flint Water to Kids Lead Levels)



​Midland Daily News​ (New Study Links Flint Water to Kids Lead Levels)




Medical Daily (Coverage of New Study)​



National Public Radio/from Morning Edition today

Michigan Radio/NPR 
Oakland Press/Daily Tribune (Q&A with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha)
News One/African American-Focused Outlet
The Weather Channel

Time Magazine



Metro Times​


​Science Alert​




Free Press’ Nancy Kaffer Challenges Gov. Snyder on When He Knew About Contamination


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Chicago Tribune (from Washington Post)​


​Daily Mail (UK)​


Former Flint Mayor Speaks Out About Water Quality to the Detroit Free Press


 (H. Croft resignation.)​